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Thread: New Diaper Kid Here :D

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    Smile New Diaper Kid Here :D

    Hullo Everyone,

    My name is Aidan and I am 4 years old. Or 23...
    I go to school in Kansas and I joined here because my buddy Inky (dprdinky) said it was a fun place. I wear diapers every night, sometimes I wet them on accident, but that's ok. My big brudder DJ says lotsa kids my age still have accidents, and I wear PullUps for daytime too. I like to meet new and interesting friends, and I like to be a regular playful lil kid.

    My favorite diapers are Cruisers, PullUps, these older Baby Dry my brudder gave to me, and Goodnites too.

    My Big Brudder DJ lives far away but we have been able to hang out in real life too and he took really good care of me, and I think I helped him too. He is the best big brudder ever.

    Nobody around me really knows about my diapers, but I am really open about the fact that I'm still just a kid at heart, so lotsa my friends and my housemates see my footies and the kiddish clothes I got, and my stuffed tiger in my bed with spidey sheets, hehe. Its just who I am, and they don't seem to mind that.

    Anyway, good to be here, look forward to meeting new friends.

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    Hey Aidan. Glad to see you are here. You will have many friends to meet and get to know. Thanks for introducing us to you.

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    I has a spiderman in the back window of mah car. Nobody is surprised.

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    Hi there, and welcome!

    I'm glad you have accepting housemates and of course your big brother and your buddy dprdinky. ADISC is a fun place - just look and post around and get to know people...or check out the IRC chat.
    Oh, and make sure you're safely diapered so you don't leave accidents around the forum


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    Welcome to the world of tommorrow!! Please enjoy your stay.

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