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    Default Ebay fortunes?

    Okay, so for those of you who have sold on ebay in the past, where did you make your money? For me, I made my ebay fortune in model airplanes. My grandmas friend got rid of them all and I had no space for them, so I sold them. My fortune amounted to $600ish.

    So, where did you make your fortune and how much did you make in total?

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    I have a negative fortune, because I spend money on there, and not sell

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    I've only lost money on eBay, spending for listings/ads that didn't work. I just stick to craigslist these days if I want to sell anything...

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    I usually sell my assets through other means means like local newspapers, magazines, online classifieds or community noticeboards. I [did] use eBay regularly to buy things, but I have only ever sold one thing on there - a music festival ticket, which the girl picked up and paid in person anyway.

    Whilst eBay has a lot of guarantees and security measures, when it comes to money exchanging, I prefer to deal in person. That way if the person doesn't like the item, or figures it's somehow damaged or not what they're after, then no deal takes place and we both go on our merry ways. If they do buy it, then I get rid of the item then and there and I get the full amount, in cash, in my hand.

    I hate people who mess around and waste time, as well as dealing with complaints.

    Point of interest, I've probably sold over $2500 worth of stuff that I've accumulated over the years.

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    I only made one sale on eBay and it was diapers. I bought a few packs of Tenas that were cloth backed and sucked horribly. I actually sold them for more than I bought them for on eBay, even though there was one less pack (since I obvsiously didn't include the opened pack). After shipping and everything I probably made about enough money to buy lunch.

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    I've sold a few NUK pacis on Ebay. Some of them went for rather ridiculous amounts. I once sold a NUK I paid 2 Euros for (which equaled less than $2 back then) for $42 on Ebay. That's a nice profit , but not quite a fortune.


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    That is too a fortune, if that is the only thing you have ever sold on ebay.

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    Dog sombreros.

    No really, I found 3 small sombreros I bought as gifts from Spain on a holiday one day, and thought: "ebay?".

    Too small for human heads... so?

    Got a picture of a dog wearing one.

    All sold well.

    Some dog owners are mental.

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    I sell junk I buy at tag sales. I bought a wood stove for $10 and it sold for $400. No fortune but over the years I'v probably profited about 2 grand.

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