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Thread: Has your perception changed?

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    Default Has your perception changed?

    Has you perception changed about anyone based on a post, multiple posts, or a thread they have made? For example, someone posts on a political thread, and they say something that you didn't expect, and you may begin to have different feelings about them.

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    Yup, all the time depending on the post. Sometimes theres people I can't believe would say something so, stupid/ignorant/heartless/etc, and another post where I must praise the genius in their logic. The opinion of a person should be an ever evolving thing. Always being added to with the most recent contribution, but keeping mind of past accolades and transgressions.

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    Hmm hmm...I feel like I explained wrong, although you answered perfectly, Mako. I guess I mean has your perception permanently changed (for the worse/better), like an unforgivable thing someone said, that you will never forgive them for or something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Yes, When I found out you were a cow. Like I never expected that.
    Pojo's a cow!?!?! WTFOMGBBQ I never knew that o.o!

    But as for anything to do with forums, I don't think I've really encountered anyone that I noticed or became fond of thats done or said something so terrible I couldn't forgive them later, or that they couldn't redeem themselves of.

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    Honestly, so long as someone doesn't get caught up in Scientology or any other ridiculous cult, I can respect whatever they believe. That's not to say I like or agree with them, but I'll leave them to their beliefs if they leave me to mine.

    As for general posts, there's been a few. No names being mentioned.

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    There are certain subjects that really get to me, but I'm usually willing to give people a second chance. (unless the disagreement stays reasonable and peaceful in the first place, then no worries in the first place.) Also, I usually hate the opinion and not the person himself/herself. Even friends can't agree 100% of the time.

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    There's a person here who said something to me when I first joined that I thought was pretty rude. And while I've since come to realize that this person is intelligent and I agree with many of his opinions, I haven't forgotten my initial impression of him as being rude and arrogant, and it's hard for me to actually like him.

    Other than that, I can't think of anyone who's said anything that made me permanently change my opinion of them. Actually, I suppose this is more of an example of how an initial negative impression didn't change, regardless of what that person has done since. I think, sadly, an initial positive impression is more easily influenced negatively by future actions, than vice versa.

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    I don't think I've had a whole lot of changed perceptions concerning members. I like most people in general, and have enjoyed the site. I've gone head to head with a few members, and I think the exchange is a good thing. It's better to put one's self out there, than hide behind someone else's ideas and opinions. Interestingly enough, all of us on this thread right now have been on the forefront of this site, expressing ourselves with a certain amount of strength.

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