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Thread: You are under arrest!

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    Default You are under arrest!

    I thought this would be a fun/stupid idea. People break laws everyday, and the majority of these people get away with it because they are either: stupid laws, or they are just not caught. I do illegal shit every day, other than a thrill (which I do not get because they really aren't the most crazy crimes,) most of it is for convenience or usually I just don't care or even notice.

    Most of the big ones that people do and don't always get caught for are probably speeding and downloading music...which I think I do almost every day...

    I opened up this thread because I thought it would be funny to hear some of the stories that you guys have of doing something illegal that you either got away with or an got arrested for. This is a forum where no one really knows who you are in real life anyway so I thought we could be open about it but if you don't feel comfortable...don't post.

    I want to start with one of my most recent ones-

    Last week, I smoked (weed...) with one of my really good friends from highschool because I was on spring break and he wanted to hang out. I had a bag and he had a bad (a bag=a gram) and we both shared. All went cool because we did it at his house.

    Afterward, I went home at about 11PM, not really stoned anymore since we ate and at least 3-4 hours went by. When 12 came around my dad calls me up and tells me my sister is stuck at the train station a good half an hour away because the train was having some technical problems. He asked me if I would pick her up because he just didn't want to wait and he had a long day at work.

    1AM rolls around and I put my jacket on and pick her up.

    On the way back, I hear a siren go off's a cop. No problem right? Well, I totally forgot that I had the bag of weed in my jacket from that night and I freaked out a little.

    "Sister (I wont say her name) take this and hide it" I say as I take the bag out of my pocket and throw it at her. She immediately freaks out.

    "Where the hell am I going to put it!!" She screams at me and then does the STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen someone do in this situation.

    She doesn't put it in the back. Not in her bra, not in the little compartment by her door (what cop comes by the passenger side.) She opens the god damn glove compartment, where I keep my registration and insurance and throws it in there.

    "Are you on crack!" I yell at her. I then take it out and throw it in the back on the floor.

    The officer comes by and asks me for my information not even telling me why he pulled me over. I was scared shit-less. In the end though he told me my middle break light was out and I needed a new one.

    He let me off telling me to get it fixed, and right when he left I rolled my window up and me and my sister were dying of laughter for like 10 minutes. It's one of those stories that I will have for quite a while.

    I have more but that's what I got for now. How about you, criminals of ADISC?


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    Hahaha the break light. Sounds like a really stupid movie scene.

    Oh well I got searched in front of a club once and just the day before I ran out of weed. Kinda lucky too.

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    FullMetal, that story might had just made my day haha!

    Okay, anyways, here's one story:

    About a year ago, around 11:30 PM, and I just got done with a gig near the Strip. I was beat, and I didn't want to call my dad to come pick me up. My friend (who was also at the gig) offered to give me a ride home. I thought, "hey, what the heck? I'm sure that will be fine."


    When we get on the freeway, my friend starts to speed. And I mean really speed. Going maybe, oh gosh, about 80 mph. Finally, after telling him for 5 minutes to slow down, a cop puts on his lights and follows us. I'm thinking, "Oh, shit; not good." My friend says: "Hmm, he thinks this is speeding? Wait till he sees this."

    Instead of stopping, he kept going about 90 mph. I shouted at him: "Are you f*cking crazy?!?! Pull over, man!" He didn't pay any attention to me, and actually kept going faster.

    He's around 90-95 mph around this time when a second cop car comes. I swear to God, I was a nervous wreck. Scared shit-less. I turn to him, and I say, "Dude, slow down."

    And he shouts "Wooo!" I swear to God, he was high or something; I should had not been in the same vehicle as him.

    I thought about it for 5 seconds, and then said, "I guess I'm going to have to stop this myself." So I swing my leg over to the seat and press down on the brake. The car stopped after about 30 seconds; it would had been sooner if it hadn't been for my friend (he was NOT my friend at this point) pressing down on the gas. The two cars stop, and my "friend" pushes me to my seat.

    Well, the cop comes over, and who would had thought? The officer was one of my dad's best friends! I thought, "I am so dead."

    He recognized me and said, "Jay <-(my name), is that you?"

    I said, actually shouted, back to him, "Yes! I got to get out of there!"

    The other officer who was in the other car comes over, and asks my "friend" to step out of the vehicle. The officer who was my dad's friend comes around to other side and lets me out; he did not arrest me (thank god).

    I told him the whole scenario. By this time, my "friend" was in the police car. Instead of taking me to the police department, he just took me home (I think this was against regulation), and my night was done.

    My "friend" was in juvie for 2/3 weeks. Haven't really talked to him since then.

    Moral of the story: don't drive with crazy people who speed and/or are stupid!

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    That police presence on highways is kinda scary to me. Here they just take a picture and send the bill.
    (which probably wouldnt be that much - if any - when going 95 mph or 150 kmh on a freeway here.)

    But yes, I got a car freak friend I definately avoid to go with, especially at night when streets are empty :X

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    I shoplifted my first diapers. At age (about) 12.

    Wow! A crime AND it relates to this site. Cool, huh?

    (I pay for them now, in case you're worried.)

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    I was at mountain creek with my parents one time when I was about 10. I was in the wave pool when out of no where, this little blue capsule thing floats up right next to me (They sell them at the gift shop as necklaces for holding important things like keys or money) so I grab it and open it right there in the wave pool. Inside is a little under $100. being the good person I am, I closed it a slipped it into my swim suit pocket.

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    Let's see... 60 gigs of music on my computer, a netflix account while I have a dvd decryption program and a dvd burner a R4DS with a 2 GB memory card..

    I also love torrents.

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    Hmm, that makes me wonder what'd happen if I for some reason got arrested while wearing... how would that go over in prison?? And it's not very difficult to get arrested even for minor driving offenses down here in TX (like not fully paying past tickets )

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