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    Default No longer a newbie

    Isn't it interesting on an ABDL website that changing from a "newbie" to a "regular" is an upgrade. I'm not really into AB but I did kind of enjoy the bold blue font and to some degree the name. It's also funny that "regular" is associated with bowel movements and being older.

    Does this mean I have to incorporate more fiber into my diet? I think I liked being a newbie

    Anyone else have separation anxiety when experiencing status changes here?

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    A. What you said never even crossed my mind

    B. Can one of the mods move this too off topic

    C. Next time you put a thread in diaper talk, make sure it's actually about DIAPERS, what you said is more off topic.

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    The only seperation anxiety I have seen in relation to status change here before you has been people losing VIP status, but that is not a topic we want to be raised in any detail here because it just ends up in fighting (hint hint).

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    Moved to Off-Topic. Beats me why so many threads get misplaced in the wrong forum lately

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