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Thread: Dragon Ball Evolution (Full Movie)

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    Default Dragon Ball Evolution (Full Movie)

    That's right I was browsing the web and found the full movie.

    MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching it


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    That movie was on youtube before it was taken down...I heard the whole movie is crap.

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    Yeah I saw it on cam... it was indeed crap. really really bad and embarrasing for Dragonball nerds like myself to watch. I recommend people not to watch it.

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    I was pretty into the whole Dragonball Z thing when I was 9 or 10. Looking back, I really don't know what I saw in it, even with the rose-tinted specs on. Which is really telling, since I can still just about watch another one of my childhood favourites: Mobile Suit Everything-Explodes-For-No-Reason Gundam Wing.

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    ... That was the movie?

    It was like... "Hey, let's just throw in a tiny little short completely not true (in context) movie about Dragonball Z, that doesn't follow the real plot at all!"


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