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Thread: Male Guards/Panty Liners

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    Default Male Guards/Panty Liners

    Has anybody used either male guards, pantyliners, or pads? And if you have how well did they work?


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    Haven't tried them... they're for small drips and leakage only... not for real wetting... if I'm going in my pants... I prefer nice thick diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtbike4x4 View Post
    Has anybody used either male guards, pantyliners, or pads? And if you have how well did they work?
    First off there is a marked difference between male 'guards' which are intended for mild incontinence (small amount of leakage) and pantyliners or pads which are not intended for incontinence at all!

    The guards will, of course, contain a small amount of urine (mostly they're used to protect a gentleman's undergarments from being stained by leakage before/after urination).

    Pantyliners and pads are feminine hygiene products and are not intended to be used as incontinence products. The old saying "blood is thicker than water" couldn't be more true, and for that reason the construction and absorption of pads for feminine hygiene differ vastly from those of pads for incontinence.

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    Sorry, i should have clarified. I mean the bladder protection pads and panty liners sold right next to the diapers in the story and listed online under "incontenence"

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    they might still be the same thing, but i dont like the gaurds because of the commercial that i saw and it was about them being used for old people and it made me sick.
    if you do try them though i wouldnt mind knowing how the experience went, not saying that it will be a good experience.

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    I can't imagine they'd be any good, they're not intended for anything more than little leaks. I doubt they'd be much point in trying them, really.

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    buy some... pour some water on one... see what happens...

    now imagine if that were in your pants.

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    I've thought about guards but why get those when I can just buy diapers.

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    Maybe dirtbike4x4 is looking for something more discreet than diapers?

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    guards or liners aren't any better than just underwear...

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