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Thread: Been thinking more and more about diapers lately.

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    Default Been thinking more and more about diapers lately.

    So, I haven't really been near a diaper since August of last year and now I find myself thinking more and more about wanting them now. I've even thought about just going out and buying a pack of Depends since I want them so bad. I have no idea why I started thinking about them again, but it just came to me a week ago or something. Right now I'm really considering buying a pack from XP Medical once I get paid this month, but I'm not real sure I want to as money is tight right now. I just can't help wanting them though

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    You are me, but from the future. I've got some Abenas, but will run out soon. At the moment, I feel indifferent about that. But I know how it can feel to be deprived like you report feeling, when even Depends seem desirable. At some point I'll run out, and I dread the oncoming desires which I cannot easily satisfy.

    Have you considered flannel? Easily found in fabric stores, and easily quiets the DL for a few days. Although it takes some willful self-convincing...

    XP is great, but still expensive. Satisfying this itch is probably not worth the cost, as far as I'm concerned. Unless you make lots of which case it's entirely worth it...

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    Wow...since August. I don't think I could have gone that long without diapers of any kind. I order from XP on an average of 2 to 3 months...I just can't stand to have an empty stash now.


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