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    Hi. I'm looking for cloth diapers and plastic pants in Australia, to fit someone in the middle of the Depends Fitted Briefs Large size range (say 120 centimetres at an estimate that allows a very large margin for growth, I haven't taken a waist measurement in years). Need to be fairly absorbent, eight hundred mL at least.

    If I can't get them here, I'm going to have to ship them from AdultClothDiaper or Drylife, and both of those options are going to cost me about $170. I don't particularly want to spend that kind of money - i.e. I can, it's just that I don't want to.

    Any ideas?

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    Good luck to you there Kaliborio. The only thing I can suggest is to surf the web for any makers down there, short of that, your only other option is to go with the two you already know about.

    I use cloth too, and I'm really happy with the ones I get from ACD. I'd personally recommend them. I can't say anything about the other guys, I've never dealt with them.

    But good luck to you. I hope you can find a cheaper option down there. $170.00 in freight hurts!

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    Indeed it does. :| But I do like the look of ACD, so if worst comes to worst I'll probably pick them.

    Thanks for the kind words Ricky.

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    I also use ACD and I love them. I mostly have the night time weight because I sleep in them. They have a good feel to them and they seem to hold up well. The night time weight will hold a lot more than the day time. Good luck on finding a cheaper supplier. I think all of this sort of stuff is expensive.

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    you could try Yuyun (just ebay 'em), and if it's only 'fitted' diapers that you're after, there's plenty of patterns on the net and that goes for the placky pants, too (getting decent plastic/vinyl isn't that easy, though). or, if it's a proper diaper you're after, just use a towel; still you'd need the plackies and it's probably going to work out most cost effective to buy some quality pants and use towels.

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    G'Day Kaliborio and Hi to everyone else.

    ACD has been supplying me gauze diapers since 2007. They treat me well and ship when they promise. Their gauze diapers are very good quality. These days many firms make cloth diapers from other fabrics. I prefer gauze and this is such a difficult fabric to sew few firms still use it. The advantage is if you wash gauze diapers correctly they last a very long time.

    Probably your plastic pants will wear out more often than good cloth diapers. ACD sells plastic pants but so do many other firms. I buy mine from Kins in Canada.

    Although I travel to Australia once or twice a year none of my friends there are wearing cloth nappies. They tell me nobody makes them in your country. I am sure you could by cotton flannel by the yard in stores. You could make your own nappies from flannel if you wanted. I don't know anyone who personally makes their own plastic pants.

    Assuming you did spend Aus$170 for your bunch of cloth diapers and plastic pants, do you have access to a washing machine? Cloth diapers need to be washed correctly.

    Best wishes and good diapering

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    Here's a couple of places to check out:

    Elainettes Stay Dry Products Pty Ltd

    Eenee Eco Nappies Australia - Flushable Biodegradable Pads - Baby Organic Natural Body Care

    Confident Care Products

    Cheeky Butts - Real Nappies For Real Babies

    These websites were found on: Worldwide Cloth Diapering Resources It's a worldwide listing of cloth diapers, including Youth and adults.

    Many companies who manufacture diapers for babies also assist with providing a source of cloth diapers for youth and adults as well. The above are located in Australia

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