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    I am terribly misinformed in the subject of incontinence.

    This query forms from a problem I have heard of that belongs to a friend of mine. For some reasons she's been using her diapers, wetting them on purpose. And lately she's been worried that it's harder for her to control herself and easier to let go, and she heard of cases of people who did the same and upon time became incontinent. She doesn't want that so I did tell her to stop it and stuff...

    I was wondering however just how possible is that and what else could she do if so...? more than that I don't think is possible but...i dunno.

    I am fully aware that this question may be something asked previously. I found nothing on the Wiki (or I'm lousy at seeking) for this section and I'm not even sure this is the subforum I should be putting it in...
    Sorry if this question offends someone or something...

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    First of all, if she simply wears diapers and uses them once in a while, she'll just be able to go more easily. If she wears them too much, like whenever she can, then it will take a while, like a few months, but she might become incontinent, but it's always possible to regain control.

    ...From what I've heard.

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    it's gonna take a long time to become fully inco by just wearing diapers...

    but it will effect your control after a while... especially if you do it all day every day... (like me)

    I can still hold it if I have to... but it is definately harder... no more bladder of steel here...

    There is a difference between being able to let go easier and not being able to hold back...

    If anything... I'd suggest telling her to pee a little at a time... go for a few seconds... then stop... then start again... it will keep your bladder muscles strong.

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    So it is possible...will that last thing Darkfinn said actually keep her from loosing bladder control eventually or will that still allow the same measure of control?

    Also, many thanks for the replies ^^

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    doing the start-stop will keep her control in great shape... she'll still be able to go... but she will be in control...

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    I see...well I don't know what other information I can take but the answers have been pretty useful. Thanks a lot! She knows now ^^

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    tell her to come on here... she can find out more for herself...

    we don't bite

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