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  • I'm a DL and I can sleep while diapered.

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Thread: Can you sleep while diapered?

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    Default Can you sleep while diapered?

    I think that for the most part, DLs have a much harder time sleeping than *Bs, but that's just my opinion. I'm a DL, and I can hardly sleep while wearing diapers because of the stimulation. How about you?

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    Definitely depends I'd have to say...first off while trying to go to sleep I know that I'm extremely hard, and it's difficult to fall asleep, but when I tend to forgot that I'm wearing a diaper, things tend to calm down afterwards, and I can finally get some sleep.

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    I'm a DL and I can sleep okay with them, but it took some time. When I first started wearing I sure couldn't! I had to get used to them.

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    I sleep quite well when diapered. Sometimes I find it so calming that I fall asleep easier.

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    Sleep very well now, although the first few times it was harder since I was thinking so much about how awesome it was to be wearing a diaper.

    Now I've experienced the opposite - sometimes I've gotten so used to sleeping while diapered that it feels funny to not be wearing one at night, which can make it harder to get to sleep.

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    Growing up I have no memory of being toilet trained. According to my Mom that was about 10 months before my first clear memory of being diapered at Renaissance Faire. Because all of Mom's daughters had small over-active bladders she asked us to wear diapers on trips and special events. Mom also would tells us that she hoped we would not have the same bladder problems she had, but we all should anticipate reverting to bedwetting at puberty.

    Over the years I had seen that our oldest sister starting pinning on her own diapers for bed when she was 12. We shared a room and she did not have any difficulty sleeping in gauze diapers with vinyl panties. The summer of 1976 when I was turning 12 we had to move for a year so Dad could receive management training. This would mean nearly a week of driving, so I asked Mom if she would diaper me for bed in the motels to help me get used to sleeping in them. Once we moved into the temporary house, Mom taught me to change myself. For over a month I did not wet my night diaper, so I was thinking I was in the clear and would never wet my bed.

    The next night I did not put on a diaper, and I actually was restless without one. Two nights later I did wet after going to sleep. I changed my sheets, put on a diaper in the middle of the night and told Mom in the morning.

    Five years later I was scheduled to move to my university dorm in Upstate New York. I was not sure I could wash diapers so I had to learn to put on Attends, which took me longer than learning to pin my gauze diapers. It also took me a week at home before I could sleep normally wearing Attends. That was 1981. In 1991 when I was living in a nice house with good washing machine and drier, I switched back to gauze at night without any sleep problems.

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    When I first started wearing diapers to bed regularly it was difficult to go to sleep. It took about 2 months for that to dissipate. Now I need to wear them to have a decent night's sleep. FYI - I'm a DL.

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    I'm DL and sleep well in diapers, perhaps even better. Like Shu mentioned when I couldn't do it very often they'd keep me awake. Now I sleep diapered almost every night and don't have to worry about getting cought.

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    it's gotten to the point that if I am not diapered it's hard to sleep

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    I can sleep in a soaking wet diaper. I find sleeping in diapers to be very comfortable.

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