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    These are f''' amazing! I just had well over thirty minutes of pure seduction and these made the blood flow real quick!!! Honestly dont think I've enjoyed sex in a long while. These were waiting at my front front after work and I tonight. Talk about amazing!!!!!!! Anyone else experience same results in this diaper? I am going to test its usage out through the night.

    Good night!

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    I'm looking to buy them soon? Are they the same as the safari rearz? What size did you get and how did they fit?

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    They are not the same, just different color backing. The seduction diapers are all black everywhere, except the inside its white.

    I ordered large, they fit great. They are very extra great with holding everything in, I used the restroom in them and they held the hoover dam of my bladder.

    GReat overall diaper, feel, comfortable, absorbent, all black, touch sound smell the whole body experience.

    I felt a large would make me feel well protected, but I'm sure I could have fit a medium and still had the diaper hold my hoover dam.

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    I love the Seduction! Feels like a warm cloud around my butt, nice padding. I haven't had one leak yet and I've filled them to the max and no leaks. I also like the Inspire which I think is the same diaper only white. I favor cloth diapers and plastic pants but these are a very close second.

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    I'm excited to try it in a couple weeks. I have a 32 waist so would a medium be good? Also plan on wearing this diaper while getting a massage.

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    I just bought some too! about a week ago I got a case (36) and they are by far my favorite, although I love the princess design more, just wish they weren't so expensive, otherwise I wear a medium, at a 27 inch waist, they are a bit shorter than 24/7 mediums, which is perfect for me, and they are just simply amazing. Will be ordering more again, though maybe Safari this time!

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