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Thread: Cloth diaper?

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    Default Cloth diaper?

    Hello I was wonderings i am a college studnet and I was looking into possibly getting cloth diapers and I was wondering if they are worth the money instead of getting a case of good disposables. Also would you guys sugeest birdseye or gauze for the material

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    Cloth would be cheaper and probably easier to hide. I like gauze especially Curity gauze diapers but you can only find them on e-bay now and not cheap. You could use a receiving blanket as a diaper. The 30x40 size should fit most people. Also consider flour sack cloth towel to use as a diaper. They are very inexpensive.

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    Along with the question of whether or not you will find them as (or at all) satisfying as disposables, bear in mind you're going to need to be able to wash them.

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