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Thread: How to hide crinkle of diaper in public?

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    Default How to hide crinkle of diaper in public?

    I want to start wearing even when in public but I'm always terrified because of the crinkling any suggestions on how to hide that??

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    Unless you're in a library or classroom or something, no one can hear it except for you. And even if people hear it, no one is going to know what it is.

    If you're still worried about it, wearing underwear over the diaper can help muffle the sound. Also tucking in the loose bits of plastic can help. Other than that there's not a lot you can do other than find a diaper that's not as crinkley.

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    No one cares what you have on under your pants/dress/skirt ect ect. People are to busy with there own lifes.

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    If it would make you feel better you could try rubber pants over the diaper or you could wear underwear over the diaper to help muffle what little noise there is.

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    It's always going to sound louder to you than anyone else. If you know what you're listening for and what it means, you can pick it out but it's not that easy. I can hear my ABDL friends sometimes when we're out on the street walking, but most of the time it gets lost in the background noise. I find jeans tend to baffle it pretty well but anything loose allows them full range of crinkle and rustle against that material. You can experiment with minimizing it but I'd say unless you're in a quiet room or someone is expecting it, it's unlikely to be noticed.

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    People will not notice. Seriously, everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives that they won't notice any sound, and if they do, their first thought will never be that it's a diaper. Walk around for a day with some paper receipts or cellophane plastic in your pockets - they crinkle a lot. No one notices.

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    Nobody will hear it unless you are in a very quiet place, and even then if they hear it, it is the same sound that a receipt in a pocket would make, people aren't going to jump to the conclusion that you are wearing a diaper. Then even if they did for some reason jump to that conclusion they would presume you are wearing them for a medical reason.

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    When I started having to wear I kept extra change and my keys in my pocket and if it was to quiet I would put my hand in my pocket and play with my keys and change. But like some of the others have said, we are our worst enemies for hearing it because we know we are wearing it. Most people will not hear it and will not even care. Every year I am standing in front of about 400 people talking to them and walking around them all and no one has ever noticed I am diapered.

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    Yep, wear boxers and keep a standard envelope (with the cellophane window) folded in your back pocket. That usually works. You could slso carry around a gas powered weedwhacker or chainsaw thats just idling if you can pull it off. Wheelchairs cut down on a lot of that leg movement that really gets the crinkle going so 'invalid' might be a good angle. You could try being a hermit and avoiding incriminating interactions entirely. Also wearing nothing but a diaper and a comically oversized bonnet+ rattle can push it into the realm of 'costume' where the litterality of it overshadows the fetishism such that worrying about the crinkle is akin to being concerned whether your drive down the highway meant the end for a hapless wasp. Anyhow... Craigslist is good if you go the yard equipment route.

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    to piggyback off of what jbdl said, i have found success in helping procreate, and then keeping with me, a succession of infants/toddlers who are wearing crinklier diapers than me in order to provide camouflage. as a bonus the babies are usually smellier, and often louder too - well worth considering if you need a scapegoat to blame any sudden tourette's-syndrome-level outbursts on! unfortunately you will require a large vehicle and many minor accoutrements like food, clothes, school, and "family time". just wanted to add another small and easy suggestion for your consideration!

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