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Thread: Depends Vintage (The Haul). Oh the Crinkle Green

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    Default Depends Vintage (The Haul). Oh the Crinkle Green

    I Found them covered in dust, 3 full packs. Strangely enough in indiscriminate white plastic packaging. I'm not sure how old, but some seem thicker, maybe a overnight and daytime. But what ever the case there wonderful. They make me wana pee more. I have only had some once in my life, and now is the second time. how much, 60-80 diapers or so for 3$. Yes i'm wearing them, there so comfortable. I wanted to do pictures but i'm not sure what site to use for the upload.

    But why depend makes inferior products today! More Sales i guess. These a thicker, with 2 waistbands. you can pull the on and off, the tapes stick more than once.
    and the crinkle oh the crinkle,green its has leg gathers. I would say 92-96, but maybe as late as 99 There wonderful diapers, no wonder there so expensive on ebay.

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    You lucky devil you !!!! I am jealous!!!
    Are they wide tapes or smaller tapes?
    Where on earth did you find them ? What size? geez...
    Congratulations on the goldmine find. You hit the motherlode !!!!

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    6 tapes, they have turned yellow over the years, but still stick good, there a size large. with greenish/blue bars and depend on the front in thick letters. The plastic is thick like those construction trash bags, I have plastic pants on as well and they cut the crinkle to a null. Tonight i added an insert to see how well it fare's over night. I am a size medium, but like size large, they usually hold more and hug me with no leaks.

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    I remember those green Depends. One of my friends started calling every company he could think of and sending me free samples of stuff as a joke when we were 12 years old. Little did he know that I would thoroughly enjoy the Depends! I remember walking into the kitchen for breakfast with a plastic bag in my hand to hide the crinkling sound of the Depend from my Mom. It would be a very long 15 years before I would get my hands on adult diapers again. I'd love to find a pack of those.

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    Here is a few I found on ebay for you:
    That one is being sold from California
    This one is being sold from Vancouver BC Canada
    note the seller from California has multiple lots so You may be able to contact them directly and get them to sell you the entire stock they have for a hell of a deal possibly .

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    The ones I remember were from around 1988. They were definitely 2 tape per side instead of 3. The 3 tape ones remind me of granny panties. At $10 each, I'll pass.

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    yea, i wish i could donate to the cause) but i don't have any way to, and this is a world of untrustworthy people.

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