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  • It should be between a man and woman. Married.

    4 6.06%
  • It can be with any couple, regardless of orientation. Married/Joined.

    21 31.82%
  • Sex is evil and dirty.

    0 0%
  • Everyone should do it, at any age.

    3 4.55%
  • Between a couple, but not necessarily married.

    24 36.36%
  • Other

    14 21.21%
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Thread: What does sex mean to you?

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    Default What does sex mean to you?

    What does sex mean to you? Do you believe sex is a gift for married couples, or something everyone should do before their 18th birthday? Should people have sex if they are in love, but not necessarily married, or engaged? Or, do you think sex is evil, and dirty? (I put a poll to make it a little easier.)

    As for me, I believe sex is something special between a married couple. However, I probably wouldn't be all that mad if someone who was truly in love had sex.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    I think that sex, at the end of a day is a very personal choice. I have no problems if people want to have sex before theyre married, before they know the other persons name, whatever. But for me, I've slept around once or twice and it was awful, I lost all my self respect, and felt like a whore. I now only have sex with someone who I'm in a committed relationship with.

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    For me personally? Blech!

    For the world at large? What ever consenting adults want to do in the privacy of their bedrooms is up to them. The key words here are, consenting and adult. Animals, children, and adults with certain mental handicaps CAN'T consent. I put no limits on sex, numbers or marital status.

    I personally don't think that kids should be having sex, but that they should take responsibility for the outcome of having sex.

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    I believe sex should be between two people that are committed to each other, regardless of other factors such as marriage or orientation.

    But then again everyone has there own opinions and as long as they aren't being unsociable or forcing them on you they should be respected as well.

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    Well I believe that sex is something that should be done with someone you feel passionate about. I wont say I look down upon people having sex with anyone who will give it to them, but I wouldn't do it. Then again, I'm Asexual, so that may be why. I like getting to know people and having a long term relationship with them. I'm more romance than sex. Maybe one day it will change but until then...


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    Sex... the only thing people seem to want more of than money!

    I'm personally unphased by the idea of sex. Yeah, I've done it, but I didn't particularly go out of my way to get it. I've said it previously, it's not high on my priority-list, so to speak. To me, it's meaning varies depending on who I'm with. If I'm with someone who I'm not all that familiar with, or haven't known for that long, sex is basically a self-indulgent act, nothing special nor interesting.

    But if it's with someone I truly care about, have strong feelings for or even love, it becomes a much more intimate experience. I have a tough time showing/expressing extreme or circumstantial (not sudden) emotion and, as I just mentioned, I'm usually unmotivated to have sex - so for me to actually want to do it is unheard of, in some regard. But even if I were to be with such a person, the actual sex-part wouldn't be so important. I'd rather snuggle and kiss and hang around the foreplay section of things.

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    I think it's fine. I don't think anyone should do it, but I'm not against it either. I think anyone can have sex if they want to. I don't see it as wrong or dirty since it creates life itself.

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    I think people who have sex should be in a relationship that is committed and plan to stay with each other for their lives. I don't mean they have to be married, but I think sex should be saved for someone special, regardless of gender/orientation.

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    Between a couple, but not necessarily married.

    To me, sex is something that you do with somebody you're going out with. Doesn't necessarily have to be somebody you love or anything like that.

    Poll options 1, 2 and 4 seem to not be very... "mean to you" ish.

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    Bah it's over rated, it seems like that is all people ever care about because they just have to have it to be happy and think it's so important for the relationship. I've met so many piggies in my life who want women for sex instead of for them. I just keep dumping them online because I don't want to deal with those pigs. Besides I'm taken.
    My bf used to ask for it all the time and wanted it all the time so I made him wait six months to make sure he wants me for me, not have me as a an object for something he could fuck when he's horny.

    I mean I only do it when I want to get pregnant so it's not so important in my life to have it and I can be happy without it. Why do people want it so much and make it so important and then people tell me I'm being mean or selfish because I'm not having it with my guy. So I'm supposed to give my body to him for him to fuck and I'm his object?
    At least he hasn't asked for it in over a month. He respects me.

    If they get horny, they have a hand.
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