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    After my first time diapering myself I think I did a good job, but it seems to be sagging a little bit, leaving a gap between the leak guards and my legs. How would I go about rectifying this problem? Do I just tape it up tighter?
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    Make sure the diaper is firmly in place , but not too tight. Make sure it is on straight and even on both sides.

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    Default Diaper Wearing Question

    CPDude is pretty spot on. My two, well a few, cents to a add is to take the time to prep the diaper before even putting it on. Smooth out any creases and folds in it from being folded up in the packaging and after that fold it up the center long ways to make a channel for liquid to flow.

    On top of that each person's body/proportions may differ a little. I found that when diapering (myself at least) it feels like I need to have the front a little higher than the back when taping up but when I stand up (I usually start off lying down) it's even and fits better than trying to make it what I think is even while lying down.

    Practice makes perfect so you'll get better and better at it the more you do it.

    Also, depending on the brand of diaper can also influence what's the best way to get it to fit.

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