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    Hello Everyone,I am new to this I had signed up with an other ABDL site but nobody real seemed to comment on my post.Me(18) and my boyfriend(19) have been dating for four years now and I had not so long ago found out about his liking to diapers.I found out because he wasn't so good at computers and didn't know how to erase his history.When I found out im gonna to be completely honest I had a lot of feelings rush at me at once I was upset because of him liking diapers and the fact of him hiding it for me.We grew up together and have been together since we were 14 so we practically know everything about each other.He was asleep at the time so I waited until the next day to tell him something about it.At the time I was spending the night at his house so I waited till he came back from work.He came back home and noticed that I was acting quiet and distant.I sat him down and told him what I had found and he had no response for what I told him,he was very quiet and covering his face.At this point I was so upset because I didn't know what to think and everyday for the next couple weeks we argued about it because my boyfriend is a very private person about his life.Eventually he told me that he has liked diapers since he was very young and he didn't know why he liked them and he was very ashamed/embarrassed. He tried to stop liking them because he knows that liking diapers are not socially acceptable and he wouldn't want me to not love him anymore because of them.I love him very much and I know he loves me too.I am a very open person and I was willing to try it.So we talked everyday for a whole month about his life and what diapers did for him.As of today we are in a much better place I have accepted his ABDL side.I am myself a very loving a nurturing person so I decided to ask him if he wanted me to be his mommy.He loved the idea and has been so happy.Now he is no longer ashamed because he has someone to talk to about it and actually participate with him. Yesterday, for the first time I showered him,diapered him and cuddled him and loved it so much.I was even open to try a diaper on the same day and it was a good feeling and wouldn't mind to wear with him.Right now we are so happy that we are gonna go shopping this week to buy him onsies,footed pj's,pacifiers and bottles.We are going to make this a once a week thing because I love having him as my baby just as much as he loves me being his mommy.The fact that I am a very loving and caring person and the thought of being a mother makes me so happy that him being treated like a baby and diapered fit in well with us.

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    Hi SallyJayy!

    I am very new to the site as well, but I can say from exploring the forum that the people here are very friendly and welcoming. I think it is great that you were able to talk to your boyfriend and have an in-depth discussion about this. As you said, it isn't exactly mainstream, so there is a lot of anxiety involved in bringing it up. It sounds like everything is going great!

    I really like the idea of keeping it to once per week. Its important for your relationship to spend "adult time," too, and moderation is the key!


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    Thanks so much for the reply.At first I was really mad because he liked diapers to the point were I thought we were gonna break up but it ended up working out so perfectly.I just wish that I would of been accepting the first time the subject was brought up because I had told him some very hurtful things that just made him more ashamed and not want to open up to talk about it but I just accepted that this is a part of him and we resolved it to where we are both happy.

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    I think it is perfectly understandable to have some misgivings and confusion. After all, diapers for most people are left behind before we can remember!

    My wife and I dated for four years and we've now been married for four years as well. I told her relatively early in to our relationship, and she did not understand. She didn't really want to talk about it, either. Since then I've brought it up a few times, but it always just ends up being a question of "why" I have these desires. To her, it must be a substitution for something else - maybe I want to be the little spoon more often or something like that. She felt it as a critique (for lack of a better term) of her; that there was something she wasn't doing and therefore I was having these feelings.

    Of course, that wasn't it -- I just have this compulsion to wear a diaper. It doesn't have anything to do with things that she does or does not do. I really wish I knew definitively why, and, most of the time, I wish I didn't have the desires, but I do.

    Your willingness to talk about it (and even participate in it) are commendable, and I'm sure that he appreciates it more than he can articulate!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I like the idea that you've chosen one day a week to have a "baby" or "little" night. That should keep things in balance, because there are so many other things you'll want to do as a couple.

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    i was with my GF for about 2 before she found out. but it has made us way closer welcome to the AB lifestyle

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