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    So, I have a complete physical coming up. I have been shaving completely below the waist and don't plan to let it grow back out before the appointment.

    Anybody ever have a doctor comment about shaved legs and groin on a male? I'd like to wear a diaper but since I don't really medically need them (outside of sleeping to protect the bed) I won't as that will only generate uncomfortable questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MolicareMan View Post
    Anybody ever have a doctor comment about shaved legs and groin on a male? [...]
    Nope, and I don't make anything of it either... see what you have to see (easier without all that bush)... feel what you have to feel... and we get on with the examination...

    Form a medical point of perspective - it's entirely irrelevant, what you shave or don't... if a comment or remark does come up, that is medically irrelevant - caution them on their line of questioning...


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    Seriously doubt there would ever be any question, there are lots of males that shave, or just Abdl...

    I'd say most men trim, and I know many that do shave, especially overseas!

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    Your doc has no place in commenting about what you choose to do with your body, especially when it comes to simply cosmetic choices like shaving legs!

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    I'm a girl, but my doctor has never commented on me not shaving my legs and uh...crotchal zone. I don't see why yours would say anything to you! It's not their business and honestly they probably see such a variety of downstairs hair styles every day they won't even blink an eye.

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    I shave "down there" and every once in a while I have to go in for a check up. Wouldn't you know it, he'll want to do the glorious prostate, bend over...ugh.....exam. I've sort of put my hand over the..uh...."down there" and hoped for the best. The thing I struggle to remember is to remember to wear my boring underwear and not my usual, Baby Pants training pants. Now that might be embarrassing.

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    Last couple times I went in for crash damage (hip, then collarbone), I was still shaving for competition. Of course my orthopedic guy was one of my competitors, so no issue. No surprise either since he'd seen me naked in locker rooms before he ever saw me in his office.
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    None of my doctors have ever said anything. When I had to have a heart catheter done, the nurse prepping me said that she had to shave me down there and it would be like a boxer short shave, I told her doesn't matter in fact you may not have to shave much at all, she said your right, you have done a good job.

    While talking to another nurse about my incontinence I explained to her that I keep it all shaved down there because it helps on smell and clean up. She understood and said that was a really good idea.

    If someone does shave everything and someone ask about it, I would say I am in training to be a weight lifter or a swimmer, I thought my first big step would be to get it all smooth first then take my time on working at the rest, lol

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    My doc will be a female. I chose that on purpose. If she asks me, I'll just tell her straight up that it feels better and plays into my gender identity better.

    You all are right. I shouldn't care what she thinks.

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