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    Well, I seem to either be a target for police, or I'm paranoid.

    I was buying some energy drinks across the road at 4AM and before I know it the police stop right next to me, I'm nervous as hell. While I'm having my card decline because I forgot to transfer the funds into my second bank account, I resolved that and came back later on.

    However It's odd as fuck, they stop right next to me out of the blue, I'm like what is the problem and there like, we usually drive around at 4AM... right.

    They asked if I was off to work, I'm like no I'm a uni student pulling an all nighter buying energy drinks.

    Asked if I've been in trouble with the police before, checked my ID again, than drove off.

    Earlier this year, I had my room searched, and was randomly accused of robbing a place, mostly due to how I dressed, I'm badly dressed as I don't give too shits about fashion.

    Last month I got a letter from the Australian Federal Police, a legitimate one, asking if my contact details were up-to date... the fuck? apparently it was common in my area but still.

    I'm sure if I wore a tuxedo I doubt they would of targeted me. Am I on a watch list or something this is a bit of a odd occurrence, and I often see police cars in whatever area I'm in. Sometimes they would drive up and down my area.

    Only reason they searched my room was so they didn't come back with a warrant, I don't want my devices searched etc.

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    It is hard to tell.

    If the specific cop had contact with you before, then they will check if it is out of the ordinary.

    I there has been something going on in the area they will check. If they where being "jerks" then it is a power trip. If they are being nice they are just looking.

    I know of some people that just act like they are "Cool" (and always up to something) and get "targeted"

    Then I have a relative that is a Jerk and Hates cops so he draws attention to himself.

    But I have also been targeted by a cop because I was in the same area, at the same time every night and it was a moderate crime area. The only thing was is we told him every night we were delivering the paper. This went on until one Sunday morning when he stopped us in front of one of our best customers house. Thank got it was the police chief place. We never got bothered again!!!

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    Pretty much anything at 4 am is suspicious.

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    Your probably not paranoid, I used to get stoped and searched by the police on occasions when I was coming out of bars after a night spent drinking with friends, my point is the police are only doing their jobs if someone looks suspicious it's usually because they have something to hide and don't get me started on the whole race thing as I hate racists of any kind if someone accuses you of commuting a crime you have the right to face your accuser in a court of law if you feel unfairly victimised by anyone the thing I don't get annoyed with them or feel there out to get you if you haven't committed the crime then you cant do the time so to speak.

    I have an extensive criminal record but don't worry its only on Red dead redemption or on Need for speed most wanted and Sleeping dogs, I am not a criminal in real-life and wouldn't want to become one as I've always been a good boy and almost never been in trouble with the authorities however I have been the victim of crime in the past and in that occasion the police actually helped me by tracking down the real criminal.

    Hope this allays any concerns you might have

    Yours sincerely


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    Cops are weird. I called our police station to report a crime, identity theft of my credit card, and had to leave a fucking message. They didn't get back to me. But when I was 22 years old, I got stopped by the Kent Ohio police for driving through a yellow caution light. I had three others in the car with me, all from our church adult youth group. The cops had me spread eagle on my hood and then they took all of our money. That's an absolutely true story, so I don't have a lot of respect for cops. I know they do a tough job, I just don't think they do it very well.

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    Unfortunately, I think that many police are themselves given to a certain kind of paranoia. When you're always worried that someone might have a gun, it's easy to fall prey to every sort of stereotype and bad assumption in the book.

    I'd suggest trying the tuxedo thing though. Not literally a tux, but try dressing well. I once walked out of a party in law school at 2:00 AM when the cops had been called. I was wearing a suit because I'd been at an interview earlier that evening and gone straight to the party. I bid the officers good evening and walked down the stairs right past them, while they walked on by. I mean, I grant that you don't care about fashion, but that's less fashion and more function, y'know?

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