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Thread: love wetting diapers

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    Default love wetting diapers

    I dont know why but i just really enjoy it, I can remember enjoying it all the way back when i was just a baby breaking out of my crib in the morning and then ran to my living room and ran behind my coutch and proceeded to go number 1 and 2, and I enjoyed it, I will never forget it.

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    The earliest memories I have of being diapered as a baby was in 1981-1982 when I was just 18 months old cant be sure of the exact date or year but I remember liking the feel of being placed in a clean diaper, Nowadays I wear diapers for very different reasons although I still like the feeling of a clean diaper around my legs at night-times before I get to bed.

    If you want to know more read my blogs.

    Yours sincerely


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    Me too, It feels very comfortable.

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    Guess i must be getting senile. Can't remember much before 5 years old.

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