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Thread: Affordable diapers in the US

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    Talking Affordable diapers in the US

    I'm new to this site, and diapers in general.
    I currently use Goodnites because they fit me well and they're cute. But I would like to invest in some actual diapers, rather than pullups. Unfortunately, I am a poor starving college student and can't afford cute adult diapers that I've found online. If anyone knows of where I could get some that won't break my bank, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Attends Classic Plastic backed briefs with waistband are your cheapest option and they come in various sizes too You can order then from Wal Mart, Amazon, etc etc.

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    You don't have to go into too much detail, but what state are you in and what is your budget?

    I may be able to part with some stuff if you're in Maryland or not too far from there.

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    Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Disposable Briefs - Adult Diaper
    $11.99 12 med in a bag.

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    I have the same problem,

    right now I'm using goodnites too but I'm gonna try ordering a pack from xpmedical
    Stuff there is priced pretty good, and I'm wanting to try some of their own brand
    8 diapers per pack, $12 per pack
    You can get half cases (4 packs) for $50 and a case (8 packs) for $90
    Molicares are $15 for a pack of 14
    Abena M4's are $20 for 14
    Dry 24/7's are $28 for 18

    Not sure if your looking for abdl diapers or just the best diapers for ur buck,
    If you could care less about prints and stuff, all the stuff above is great
    If your looking for abdl diapers check out bambino
    There stuff is really pricy imo ($40 for 12 diapers)
    but that's as cheap as it gets if you want prints on them.

    Hope that helps
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    My suggestion is still the Attends with waistband you can get a lot of them and they are plastic backed see my above post

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    Quote Originally Posted by breamalym View Post
    I'm in Arkansas and my budget is probably $30/month
    If your budget is $30 a month I'd suggest 2 packs of molicares (you'll get 28 diapers) and if you use one a day and not wear 2-3 days a month, I think you'll do ok

    *from xpmedical* (prices are best there)
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