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Thread: Goodnites for Messing

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    Default Goodnites for Messing

    I have never messed myself in a diaper, and recently while I was out and about, I actually thought about messing my Abena M4, just to see what it would be like. However, since I have a lot of Goodnites and they're my primary go-to diaper, has anybody messed in Goodnites? How do they hold up? I'm assuming the performance of them would be cut dramatically if you flooded a goodnite, since they're definitely not Abena M4's.

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    If they fit snug at all it's not the best option, it'll squish out from the leg gathers easier and up the back side. Your experience may very but with me that's what happened

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    Surprisingly they hold really well. For me at least, I would definitely say it's safe to mess in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edr671 View Post
    Surprisingly they hold really well. For me at least, I would definitely say it's safe to mess in them.
    How about like when they're flooded? I just flooded mine and I feel that would make the performance a little worse

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    Don't try it
    I learned the hard way once and the cleanup wasn't fun :P

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    I'm not a Goodnites wearer, but have noticed (hopefully in the gentlest terms) that people's BM's can have wildly different consistencies. If you often can't flush the toilet without leaving a trace, as Goodnites don't have any give in the back for a BM, it's probably not the best idea. Unless you're into that.

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    I've never had an issue. They've saved me a few times from when my stomach was sick with something, kept running out of me for hours, goodnites saved me. They fit pretty snug these days, I miss the older ones that were in fact lose on me. Generally cheap to just mess in without worrying about wasting a $2 diaper.

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    I have messed in GoodNites before, including while wet. Far from the best option, but it didn't cause a huge unholy mess and held it fine as long as you just mess and don't do anything else. It may not be as bad as others are claiming (at least it wasn't for me), I would still recommend just messing one of those Abena M4s, as those work much better.

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    Better than one might think, but a lot worse than M4. It will hold up if it's not too much/too soft and they actually fit you.

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    GoodNites work correctly when messing in them. As far as you change quickly (not sitting afeter you have messed for example), they help well containing what you have dropped inside them, even if they are wet.

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