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    Chicken wings are in the oven and (american) football is on TV. Not really caring who is playing as the two teams I cheer for (Denver and Minnesota) already played or were off this week.

    Anyone else?

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    Didn't reply yesterday because the weather was nice, so I was out on the patio....watching football (and NASCAR). Dragged a small TV outside and hooked it to the spare antenna in the garage.

    I would say I'm a Bears fan, but they're taking this year off, so I guess I am too. I'll cheer for anyone playing against Green Bay, Minnesota, or Detroit. Oh, and I detest the Patriots, but so does everyone else on the planet.

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    It was kind of rainy off-and-on here, so it was nice to just stay inside. It was also nice to watch Green Bay get ground in to the turf by a couple of rookies. Not that I'm a big cowboys fan, but they are pretty impressive this year.

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