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    As a budget DL I've never understood the fascination with double diapering. I guess I just viewed it as being wasteful (Ironic to me, since technically wearing diapers for fun is wasteful in itself, but oh well). I get it now! Kind of.

    I don't always wet. Sometimes it's just more of a hassle to dispose of than others. When I don't, I often just slide dips off like regular underwear when I wake up in the morning, go do my thing and come back. No retape, no waste and I'm not sitting in my own filth (No judgement, just calling it like it is).

    Well, this time I did that and discarded of the dip when the time came for big boy pants. Next night rolls around, fresh dip... Hmmm, what if I slid the other one over this one?


    No really, I'm a white guy and I have no ass. Sitting with this was amazing! I also felt like the tightness helped keep them from sagging a little better without overtaxing the tapes.

    I still didn't wet this way. So there's was none of the "cut a hole here so it leaks here" business. It's probably not going to be a thing I do too often as I'm fairly casual and as I said, on a budget. I get it now though. I think my only complaint about it was the increased heat. I'm a human radiator so this was a little bit much around the ole' Johnson, but overall, good times.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd share, because reasons. Woo!

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    Yet another argument for cloth..... plenty 'o bulk whether its a wet-it session or not.

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    I love doing that! Just wait until you try 3.

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