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Thread: Anybody have parents (ones that raised you) that AB and or DL? or maybe some other family relitive?

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    Question Anybody have parents (ones that raised you) that AB and or DL? or maybe some other family relitive?

    I just wondered if there is anybody out there whos parents are into the AB or DL thing, or does anybody have any family memenber or close childhood friend who is into all that stuff? Or have we all had to engage in this hobby by ourselves?

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    I do recall one person mentioning finding this out about a parent sometime in the last year.

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    I don't remember any definitive stories told here...because we all keep it so private, my guess is that even if some of our parents were abdl, we wouldn't know it because of THEIR discretion!

    Ironically, I've sometimes wondered about my dad - if he has these tendencies. We have a very close relationship and on a couple of occasions when talking about sexuality, as adult male friends, he has mentioned kind of regressing with his wife (not my mom, stepmom). As far as I could tell, he didn't mean the word regression like we do - as in age play. But it still made me wonder. He said more than once that it isn't something women want from their husbands... idk. Maybe he was trying to tell me something and I just didn't want to hear it or know about it!!
    On the flip side, I have never told him about my diapers and don't intend to - furthermore I have no reason to believe that he has any idea that I'm into diapers...

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    Default Raised in diapers

    For myself my pearents raised me right from the day I was born, I was lucky in that sense although as to why I like diapers well that's something I developed over time when I was in diapers for my first three years, later something that I came to the realisation that I needed in 2010 when I was forced to go back to wearing diapers as per my blog.

    Even when I was 6-9 years old I knew that I liked wearing my diapers and that I probably should never have been potty trained out of them because I had my reasons why I still wanted to wear them and secretly desired to wear them during my age regresdion sessions or when I saw another child in diapers this continued until I was 14 years old when my interest in them wained a bit and became a subconsciously repressed thought as I had to focus on other things mainly starting secondary school.

    I guess even though I don't think or consider myself to be a AB/DL I still have a little bit of those tendencies in my pycalogical make up although now that I will be going into care maybe I should give considerations to the fact that I won't mind becoming a baby or toddler again as it was a time when I had the best things out of my young life.

    I guess you could say I was raised in diapers.

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