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Thread: Is it just me or...?

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    Default Is it just me or...?

    Every time I type something anywhere on the Internet, when I look at it a few days, weeks or months after that, it makes me feel so stupid, I don't know why, I always think I shouldn't have said whatever I typed. I'm sure that in a few days or weeks, I'll read this post and think that I shouldn't have posted this, even though it doesn't seem wrong right now. Makes me wonder if I just mature too fast or have a problem... XD
    I've just read my question on Yahoo! Answers asking for book suggestions, for example. I had picked the best answer and replied to the guy who gave me a few suggestions, and I can't help but think that it doesn't feel right, that I shouldn't have seemed so friendly (too friendly), whatever. It's been a few months since I posted that, though.

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    It's like looking at old photos, or reading your diary back to yourself, or watching a video of yourself... A lot of what we say, think or do depends on the time we're in. Your opinions can change over time, even over a short time if your mood changes...

    I can laugh at the hair my dad had when he was a kid, but he assures me it was normal for the time. :rotfl:

    That's the problem with the internet; what you say in real life is gone right after you say it, so it only has to make sense at that time, whereas what you say on the internet sticks around!

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    it's just you...

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    Yeah, reading through old posts and stuff always makes me feel so damn stupid. I totally hate it, I try as hard as I can to not say things that'll make me feel like that, which I guess is why I don't say that much all the time.

    But I really shouldn't let it bother me - not only am I probably wrong, and what I said was actually totally awesome, but it's in the past. I shouldn't worry about it because I can't do anything about it. It doesn't matter what I did, it matters what I'm going to do!

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    I had fellt that to but then I just wrote something stupid so I got a normal reaction e.g. Damn I shouldnt have written that...

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    All my posts are stupid, ergo, yeah it's not just you.

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    I used to give car advice at a popular off road type vehicle site, and some of the following posts just shot down everthing I said, I know this stuff backwards and forwards, because I did it for a very long time.

    Some of the stuff made my answers look stupid, and if the people who were looking for advice took the ideas other people gave as fact, they were in bigger trouble afterwards,,

    So I quit, I seems that some people just like to see stuff with there name on it right or wrong, when I have something to say I just say it,,,and don't look back, because whatever you say, someone will say you are wrong.

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    It's kind of the same reason why I clear out or even delete off and restart my blog every once in a while. I'm pretty sure many people do that too...

    By the way, this is good for anger management. Whenever you're pissed off at something, take a step backward and just think about it before reacting.

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    Nah, definitely, I feel the same way. Looking back on old posts I just go "What the hell was going on then?!"

    It's like watching an old 80s teenage film. You just can't help but go, "MY GOD! That was the fashion back then!?" But you just got to realise that it was in a totally different time-frame to what we live in now, and because of new innovations and technologies, as well as societal views, things have changed greatly.

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    I choose not to look at what I said or have done in the past, because it just makes me feel embarrassed.

    :cheers: Here's to barrelling forward at breakneck speed and never looking back at all the stupid stuff I have done, but instead fondly remembering it differently

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