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Thread: how to keep a healthy balence

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    Default how to keep a healthy balence

    between being big and being little

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    It hard. My advice is you do all your big stuff first. Then you can relax and be your little self.

    You get the hang of it. But some days it's hard Adulting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icklespace View Post
    between being big and being little
    For me balance came with control, and that was able to be achieved after I gained Self-acceptance and understanding.

    Face it you have to have big time to be able to afford the little time.

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    There's a time and place for all things. For me, I usually have a lot of things to do during the day, so I'm not diapered. At night, when work is done and I'm getting ready for bed, diapers are in order. Sometimes I wear on a day I don't have to go out or go to work. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to do that because there are other things I want to concentrate on.

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    I think balance can mean different things at different times. During weekdays, I go to work, so I don't wear diapers. I might wear during the evening, but often it feels like more trouble than it's worth when I'm tired and I'll only wear to bed because I like the feeling of sleeping in them. If I'm going out weekends, I usually don't wear, though I've started getting braver and every once in a while I'll go out to some activity or cultural thing diapered (though only if I don't expect it to last more than a few hours, I don't carry around any sort of bag, so changing is not happening). Other times, I have a free weekend and the opportunity to spend a whole day diapered, which can be nice a couple times a month. When I get busier, like if I have dates, conferences, or travel, I typically am not diapered, although as with going out, I've gotten a bit braver about slipping a couple diapers into my suitcase, and I did attend one day of a conference diapered last spring, which was fun (it was a free day though, I didn't have to meet up with anyone I knew, just attend various panels).

    As far as the broader question though, I don't think that there has to be such a strict demarcation between Big and Little. Just because I'm dressed like a baby doesn't mean I'm not going to do the dishes or answer my email if something important comes in. And just because I'm dressed like an adult doesn't mean I won't get excited about getting icecream or seeing some really cute animal while I'm out and about.

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    ArchieRoni makes great points! I feel that a lot of people that are serious ABs break up the time into Big and Little to make it easier to turn on and off. I am a lot like AR, in the sense I will wear diapers under my clothes, not carry a bag, and just because you are wearing something childish, doesn't make you a child automatically. You should be able to know your own limits, be willing to explore at your own pace and in your own manner that you feel comfortable with. For me, "Big time" or my adult time takes up a majority of my time due to the situation, but I find time where I can have my "Little space" and I am comfortable in it. I don't let the "little space" time of my life take over or interfere with what I have to attend to as an adult or anything else within my life.

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