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    In wanting to wear diapers And Being Ab since i wont know when ill get to try it and eavn ill haven't told my mom and dad from what i seen i don't think they will appcted this and i forgot close abu site and my dad asked what with me in diaper's and asked if am weirding out on him again

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    Maybe that is healthier for you, for now. It seemed to me like the obsession with getting to try diapers was a harmful thing for your mental health. If you lose interest for a while, that's ok. You can always come back to it when you're older and not living with your parents!

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    Since you find it impossible to indulge, I'd say losing interest is the best thing for you. If it's a real thing, it will come back (with force). If it was just a passing fancy, so much the better in your case.

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