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Thread: Want to try a new diaper

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    Question Want to try a new diaper

    Hi, I have ben into diapers for a lot of years now and this year I started sleeping and wetting them at night because I enjoy it, My question is what kind of diapers do you guys recommend? My favorite are M4's with plastic backing, I really like plastic backed diapers and like the 'thick' style of diaper I have tried Tranquility ATN but the M4's are so far my favorite, I really dont want to spend anymore then 2 dollars per diaper, what (thick, plastic backed diaper) do you all recommend and where do you all get your diapers?

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    ABU has some awesome diapers going with the Space/Simple/LittlePawz line if you like thick. Here in Canada it works out to about 2.66 a diaper on half a case.

    Trying out a bag of these and I'm really impressed. A case of 30 frome works out to 2.33/diaper if I did my math right.

    I bought a half case of the Snuggies overnights and enjoyed those as well. Not sure if they've changed with the name change though.

    Northshore Care Supreme are really thick too. Not sure if they fit in your price point though.

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    ABU all the way for me, I get my ABU from the fabulous Aussie retailer Paddingplus but you could order directly from ABU.

    The European MyDiaper Nights of various designs are sensational but definitely seem less affordable for us not in Europe.

    I don't tend to buy medical style diapers anymore but did use M4s for many years while you could get plastic backed ones here.

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    What about Cuddlz or confi Dry 24/7 ive heard positivw things about them, how are they in camparison to the M4's?

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    Agree with other contributors about ABU... just started using their pre school range which although cloth backed are impressive... i also agree about My Diaper they are worthy of a try in the UK they work out at a little over 1.50 each. I would also suggest Bambino's not sure about pricing where you are but again in the UK they are just Less than 2.00 each... Barebum diapers are also ok not too thick though so if this is what you want stuffers maybe the way forward

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    I really want to try ABU but the price is pushing it...

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