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Thread: Wetting before putting on

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    Default Wetting before putting on

    I thought i would share this, but i found myself starting to wet the back (bum) part of the nappy before putting on. I like the feeling of a wet nappy, and generally i find i leak before the top back part absorbs anything during normal use. So i figured why start wetting before putting on. I like the feeling afterwards when sitting down and have a warm bum.

    Does anyone else do anything similar?

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    I may have to try this... sounds like a good idea

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    Sometimes, I would put my diaper on backward so I could wet the back part first and then turn it around.

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    sitting in pee leads to rashes. I've done this with a cup of warm water, though. A squishy seat is a happy seat.

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    I admit I have done this before. XD

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    I've done similar,
    When I use goodnites I usually put them on backwards first and wet a little then flip em around and finish wetting
    Ah, the feeling of a nice wet diaper ☺️

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    Great minds think alike! Been there, done that! (with my pullup), when I can manage.

    ...and, no, it doesn't lead to rashes, since the pee gets gelled.

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    I make sure my diaper's mostly dry before putting it on. Unless it's an expensive brand that can take a lot of pee. Like Crinklz and Little paws.

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    I'll admit I've taken off some diapers back when depends had waistbands that actually were more then a decoration and swapped them around

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