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Thread: Affordable diapers in the UK

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    Default Affordable diapers in the UK

    Hey all.

    I go up and down with my diaper use, but lately I've been 24/7. I realised that I was overspending and cut back to night use only. Inevitably I really missed wearing during the day and have ended up returning to pretty much 24/7 use again but the money is still an issue!

    Wondered if any UK DLs have any recommendations for affordable but reliable day diapers? Currently I'm wearing the premium AB ones to bed (Bambinos, ABU) and usually either Lille, ID Expert or Attends during the day. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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    Tena Maxi Active Fit. You can get them for about 0.67 per when ordering in bulk. Try Nappies 'R Us. TBH, I have to ask why you're wearing the premium ones to bed. You'd need to be an astonishingly heavy wetter to saturate an ABU Space or equivalent overnight, assuming it was dry when you went to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marting View Post
    Gomples are cheap. Not sure how much they hold.
    Damn, that IS cheap. Especially for a product claiming 2200ml absorption. Though it would still be cheap even if the practical capacity was half that. Have you ever used them?

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    Yeah those are the ones I already use.

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    Because I like them! I wear diapers because I enjoy them, so to not use the special ABU ones kinda eliminates the overall point for me...

    I wouldn't wear a Bambino out of the house because it's too difficult to hide due to noise and bulk, so night time is the only chance to wear.

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    Yep. I quite liked them. Kind of matted plastic. Plain white. Not bad.

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    Lately I have gone for these:

    ID Expert Slip PE Medium. They are 18.59 for a bag of 28, but I am sure you can get them cheaper else where if you looked. I always use them because I have never had an issue when ordering from them, like clockwork every time Ive placed an order. I was hesitant when I first ordered them, but now I am super impressed. They can handle a nights wetting and about 5-6 hours in the day without leaks. They also do them in a more higher absorbency and fabric covered. I prefer plastic backed myself so thats why I go for those in the link above.

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