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    How do you define sexual power and what does it means to you. Is there any equality in sexual power, is it a sexual power having one or more fetishes?

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    Who cares about the fine print. At my age, I could do with all the help I can get.

    PLEASE, where do I sign up for this *in all probability....only feckin snake oil* sexual power?

    PS: Hope yo not be trollin me. :-)

    PPS: By the time you get the pleasure of reading this post, Santa will have been and long since gone. Hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy new year.

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    I am pretty sure he's is not trolling, besides I don't have a clue what he's going on about. Cut him some slack. His first language isn't English.

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    I don't. Sounds like another psychoanalytical mumbo jumbo made up word from the 70's fem movement.

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    Uh...I guess I would define sexual power as sexual confidence. I don't think having multiple fetishes would necessarily give one more confidence, unless they were active in their local kink community and did demonstrations and stuff.

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    I've been trying to work out what "sexual power" means. Eventually it occurred to me that the concept only makes sense in BDSM-like settings where people role-play at different "power levels" (i.e. dom/sub), and maybe you're wondering how that compares to the adult/little relationship...?

    I think for most ABDLs, the whole "power issue" doesn't really come into play (or maybe it's more subtle and subconscious). I suppose ABDL play is more explicitly consensual... as in... it's very much focused on what the "little" wants, rather than the "adult". Whereas BDSM play is more overtly focused on what the dom wants (or so I hear).

    But, like a Venn diagram, there are areas of small overlap between ABDL-ness and other kinks. People who have a mix of BDSM-ness and ABDL-ness might incorporate the idea of "sexual power" into their play or fantasies...

    Does any of that make sense...?!

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