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  • Maybe I donīt know.

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  • This fetish Iīve never heard about before.

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  • No I fall in love with wemen not objects.

    2 18.18%
  • Yes I know this fetish and I am proud of it.

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  • What the hell is fetishes?

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  • Yes it seems as I have it but I canīt admit it to anyone.

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  • I adore fetishes of all kind and I donīt care how strang they are.

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Thread: Objectum sexuality

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    Default Objectum sexuality

    There are many many fetishes and maybe we donīt know them all but there is a fetish I think is almost the same as OS or Objectum Sexuality. This means that people that have this fetish fall in love with certain objects as maybe diapers or something else. Have you wondered anytime if you have this OS fetish for any objects and can you fall in love with lifeless objects?
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    Never heard of it, yet sounds like it's something familiar... The name describes us as well as a paraphilia does, or infantilism does.

    Live & learn

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    Sorry, can't answer your poll. you're missing options and none of the ones you have apply to me.

    you gave the option of:
    No I fall in love with wemen not objects.
    and not any for:
    No, I fall in love with Menz not objects.
    No, I fall in love with Peoplez not objects.
    No, except bacon.
    Yes, Bacon!

    One of those answers would have been mine.

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    Like your reply, Foxroxsox! I love bacon and use that name as part of my skype name!

    Have a great weekend!

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    There seem to be some gaps and mixed-up language in this poll. IMO. Let's start with "fall in love": I doubt that many with diaper fetishes would say that they are "in love with" diapers. "Sexually attracted to," yes, but probably not "in love with." There's a pretty big difference. Being in love with something means having a deep emotional connection with that something that goes well beyond a desire to "get it on". Many here talk about diapers providing comfort as well, but I think that still falls short of being "in love". After all, we're comforted by many things, whether they're environmental like sounds and smells, things that we eat, etc., and that doesn't mean we're "in love with" those things.

    (It's also amusing to contemplate what it might mean to fall in love with a large class of disposable objects as opposed to a single instance of that class of objects. Can one be in love with something that is then thrown in the garbage remorselessly? That's an interesting take on "in love"!)

    Yes, we throw around the term "diaper lover", but then we also know that "lover" is a euphemism for "sexual partner", and needn't imply that one is "in love." I don't doubt that there are some people who are "in love" with diapers or other inanimate objects in the same way that a "normal" person is in love with another person, but I'd be surprised if such a thing was at all common, even within this paraphilia-heavy community.

    I guess the other big-ish thing I'd point out is that being sexually attracted to a class of inanimate objects needn't imply that one lacks a feeling of sexual attraction to people. From what I've read here, most of us like sex (vanilla hetero and/or same-sex sex) in addition to things like masturbation in diapers. There are some who are diapers-only, and otherwise asexual, but they seem to be a minority--however a sizable one.
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    I don‛t get it, You cant love an inanimate object (Companion cube is an exception) as it cant love back and you won't get an emotional bond with it.

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