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Thread: An update on my family.

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    Default An update on my family.

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    So recently my Mother and step father have gotten into fights and even as I write this the dogs are hiding in my room on my bed from them. I think my step dad just left and might not cone back... sigh* I just really don't know what to expect for the future right now. If anything I just want my Mother be alright. It's like a repeat of when I was a kid with my father( all the fighting and eventual divorce).

    So aparently my step father is getting kicked out by my mother for some really dumb reason. He'll have to sleep in his Jeep. I just don't even know what to do.
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    Im sorry to hear its been hard for u at home. I decided to write here coz there wasnt any messages yet and its not nice to be alone with these kind of things. Im not sure if i can say anything that would help but some times it helps when u can talk about your thoughts.

    Your mom is going to do what she feels is right for her and if braking up with your step dad is the thing, she should do it. If the reason is really dump, like you think it might be, maybe talking with her after she calms down would help. I have one friend who gets from 0 to 100 in couple minutes and later on she realise how silly she have been. Sometimes its just hard to keep your mind calm when you are hurted and upset about something.

    My parents also divorced when i was kid and before that they had really nasty fights about everything possible from what things belongs to him/her, to custody of me and 3 of my siblings. Messy thing but im 100% sure it was best for all of us that they divorced. Staying together is not always the best thing and if your kom end up braking up with your step dadim sure its good for both of them, even if it would be hard and it would take time to recover from it.

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    I'm sorry for what you're going through. From looking at your other posts, it sounds like this has been going for a very long time with both your father and now your stepfather. No matter what the situation, it's never a healthy life to be living under a roof where there is so much fighting and yelling. It affects all family members and leads to stress and anxiety even for the members not directly involved in the dispute. What you're feeling is very rough but it is a reasonable response to an unreasonable situation. I imagine that doesn't make it any easier but you do have my sympathy.

    In any family breakup, it is important to remember that just because they are our parents, they are not perfect. Like anyone else, they have hopes and dreams and they make mistakes. Your mother and stepfather need to decide how to move forward with their lives, whether it is together or separately. It may be a difficult thing for them to talk about, but believe me, you are in your mother's thoughts throughout the process and first and foremost in her mind as to how this affects your future and wellbeing.

    Your mother and stepfather need to resolve this in the best possible way for everyone involved. You do not need to take sides, but you should talk to your mother about your feelings and how this is affecting you. You could also let her know that you are there to support her if she wants to talk. The same applies to your stepfather if he plans to remain in your life.Hopefully you can work it out as a family. Give them their space but don't be afraid to talk to them about it.

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