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Thread: My functioning when I am home alone

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    Default My functioning when I am home alone

    It's really distressing because when dad is at home, I can follow my routine but as soon as he is gone, I get so lonely and upset when nobody talks to me, I search up anything, countless useless YouTube videos, binge eat sometimes, I search up meaningless memes that don't entertain me at all for no reason. My bedtime is at 10 o'clock and I stayed up to 12 and it is very distressing for me as I feel like I should be cared for and I am lost without having my dad in the house with me.

    Why do I do this? How can I help myself follow my routine? Why is it so distressing to me? I feel like this is old depressed state that is coming out when I don't sleep or stay up! This is sucks real shite! (Sorry I had to swear!)

    I HATE, HATE,HATE this utter bullshit!

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    I think you need to have a schedule where you're doing more constructive and meaningful things. Now that I'm mostly retired, I enjoy following my routine. Part of that routine is taking my wife to her appointments as she doesn't drive since she lost her right leg below the knee.

    I start the morning with coffee and read the newspaper. I clean up dishes and do some other chores throughout the house. If I have free time, I'm at my piano practicing, or I'm reading from my Kindle. You need to redirect your time to things that will make you feel better for doing them.

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    I function much better when I'm left alone. I prefer working without an audience, whether human, canine or avian.

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    hey im here if you need me if you just want someone to chit chat with

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