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    Hello! My name's Tammy;
    I am rather new to all this and well to be quite frank have never put thought into it. I found out that my partner is. He was quite nervous to tell me and I was taken aback a little but have embraced it and him from the very start. I have little to no experience with this and just want to make him happy. Right now I am only just coming to terms with the names of things we switch roles a bit generally I am mummy and sometimes he will be daddy, I'll be little. I find myself struggling with the whole role-play of it all, I either don't know how to be cute or not so motherly. (I do try.) Any tips would be great! And I'm sorry if I come off as ignorant at all. I do have more questions but I'll leave it here for now as a first post.

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    Hi there, Tammy Dustmop. I see it has been 2 days and no one has tried to answer you. Must be frustrating. If you check the number of people browsing on the list of areas, you will find that the mature topics is one of the lower. If you post your question in Adult Babies & Littles, I think you will get more conversation started.
    Meanwhile, allow me to congratulate you on your open mindedness in dealing with a surprising and difficult subject. It is terribly frightening for one like your husband to admit the trouble he has going on in his head.
    There is a book available which some people find helpful. It is called "There's a Baby in my Bed!", by Rosalee Bent, available on Amazon and others. It is written by a woman whose husband is an adult baby. She has put a lot of study in to the phenomenon and shares a lot of insight. I suggest reading it together so you can discuss the points that are brought up as you go. Since the author's husband also crosses over to girl baby, she addresses that subject in detail. Although there is more than any one couple needs, it lends to having something for everyone. Some people around here have found it too much and don't like the book. A matter of opinion is fair.
    A simple suggestion to start out your exploration would be to sit down and talk about what he would enjoy in a role play, and couple it with what you would enjoy. A totally one-sided arrangement is difficult to hold up. You could find that when playing, it works better if the baby does not speak, but tries to get his or her desires known by actions. It tends to make it much more baby-like. Just treat the baby like you would expect to treat a child of that age bracket. I know you are quite young, and so don't have much experience in that area, but it can come with time.
    Don't forget to have adult time too.

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    It sounds to me like you're doing pretty well for someone new to this. We can give general advice but every ABDL is different, and what might appeal to me, will leave another completely flat. As long as you keep talking and keep having fun, you're doing it right.

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