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Thread: Diapers as a part of your life

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    Default Diapers as a part of your life


    Have you accept that you have to wear diapers and have you accept them to be a part of your daily life?

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    I have long since accepted wearing a nappy is now just part of my life. I became incontinent over four years ago due to diabetic related problems and following various tests I was given my diagnosis and told my incontinence was incurable and I was refered to the continence nurse for practical help as I would have to wear some kind of incontinence protection for the rest of my life. Four years on and it is just natural for me to wear nappies or incontinence pads 24/7.

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    I have accepted that its a part of who i am to the extent that i dont hate myself over it anymore and wear when ever im at home or out and about but still do feel some shame and would be mortified if any of my friends and family found out about my ABDL side.

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    I've come to the point of acceptance where I dont hate myself, but i am still very embarrassed about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousDLUK View Post
    I've come to the point of acceptance where I dont hate myself, but i am still very embarrassed about it
    I feel the same way

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    At 1st i hated them. Now there part of my daily wardrobe.

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    I've always had to wear them because of medical problems from day one so it's not a big problem.

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    I can't imagine not being in them, I am not incontient but they keep me under check and happier than without, so it's ana emotional need.

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    An occasional fun thing to do. Fortunately, don't NEED them, although I'm approaching the age where that could happen. If it does, liking them already would certainly make it easier to deal with.

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    I really like diapers, but I don't feel as though I need to make a quasi-religious declaration in favor of them.

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