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Thread: Are there/Will there ever be ACTUAL adult baby diapers?

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    Question Are there/Will there ever be ACTUAL adult baby diapers?

    Hey there!

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been wanting to post this for a long time because I've never really seen a post on this. So I guess I'll start one.

    First of all. I don't think anything compares to baby diapers. Huggies, Pampers, there's no comparison. They have so many features that adult diapers don't. They have leg cuffs, back waist, absorbent channels etc.

    And I really have no desire to purchase ABDL diapers because they simply don't compare. They still don't have the "baby" feel, nor do they have any of those features. Just look at a comparison.

    Notice the thin plastic and how you can SEE the padding here.

    Now, look at THIS. Look at the quality of the fabric and all the intricate details.

    This is what I want more than anything. ACTUAL adult sized baby diapers. Do these exist? If not, do you think they ever will? I would love to see someone replicate actual diapers like Huggies Snug & Dry, Pampers Cruisers etc. Though I suppose they could have legal issues.

    Its so stressful not having these... Regular diapers & Abdl diapers just don't do anything for me. And they're far less comfortable than actual baby diapers. What do you guys think?

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    I'd say ABU Preschool comes pretty close to the look and feel of a adult size baby diaper.

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    You've got two problems here. One, adults aren't babies. I know, I know, we can all play pretend, but really, a big body is different from a little body, and making a diaper that deals with that bigger body means different shape, different distribution of padding, and different rise and fit. Two, the things that show up in current baby diapers from the likes of Huggies and Pampers are patented, and adult baby diaper companies typically can't get access to the latest in diaper features (like different ways of building the padding or certain stretchy material that's only come into use in the last couple decades).

    The ABU Space and Little Paws are probably the closest you can get at the moment. They're thick, have an all-over design with printed sides, and there isn't obvious see-through padding there. They're not not quite like baby diapers though, but they're close and very cute, imo. The bambino magnifico might wind up being even better, but it's not out yet and won't be for a couple months.

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    If your looking for a decent adult version of the baby dry diapers I would say either AB/superdry kids or Bambino and Cuddlez are the best I have found so far, and yes I agree adult diapers lack many of the features of baby diapers but they do a good job considring they are basically backwards designed from baby diapers and sized up, My guess is given the fact the market for adult diapers has quadrupled in the last 20-30 years whilst the market for baby ones I stagnating that sooner or later the big companies Tha currently base their product lines around babies and children are going to have to start moving over to producing their own brands of adult diapers.

    My dream if I was to win the lottery would be to set up a diaper company that would produce diapers for people of all ages and I would keep the design the same for babies as adults and maybe produce replica's of the pampers diapers from the 1970-1990's on licence with the big companies like Pampers, Huggies,Luvs and more as a retro product range for those of us who want them and need something from our past.

    Although I would keep some of the modern advances in them as well to make sure they were practical and I wouldn't charge my customers the earth for buying them my motto would be to keep the quality high whilst keeping the cost down and one other thing I would insist that they were kinder than other brands to the environment as they would be made to decompose within 5 years not 1,000 like the original versions once used and to be able to be incinerated without giving off too many nasty fumes if used in a power plant to produce electrical power from trash.

    I would also set up safe places were those who choose to wear diapers could come to without being subjected to ridicule and persecution through stigma and were businesses could thrive without being subjected to being accused of perverted things as I believe in respect for everyone in life.

    Yours sincerely


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    Never seen quite what you are after but have you tried ABUs Cushies V2s? They are plastic backed (though they used to have a cloth like backed version) with great elastic, leak guards etc.

    I did try Attento Back Leak and side guard that were cloth like backed with a bunch of modern baby like features but had basically no absorption which was extremely frustrating for such an incredibly comfy and well made Japanese diaper.

    I take it one day with lots of younger ABDLs adult sized replicas of modern baby diapers will start to be produced but think it might be a bit too early yet.

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    Try the new pre-schools. They are as close as a modern baby diaper can be

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    I hope so one day... when i sometimes wear baby nappies I am oft amazed by their quality, even on an adult!

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    Maybe! It would be very cool to see. The market for adult diapers is still growing. The company that makes Huggies is the same as the one that makes Depends, and they have definitely gone in a more hip, active, discreet direction than in a oversized baby diaper direction. I guess that's what most adults who need diapers want.

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    I think the soon to be released Bambino Magnifico will be as close as it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    I think the soon to be released Bambino Magnifico will be as close as it gets.
    Have you seen these?

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