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Thread: Never thought I would be an AB

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    Default Never thought I would be an AB

    Hi, just thought I'd throw this out there to see if anyone has had a similiar experience. (I also haven't posted much yet and want to contribute!)

    I've always been interested in wearing diapers and in my late teens discovered the online ABDL community. I seeked discussions about diapers and wetting, but always found myself purposely ignoring Little/AB stuff. I felt too embarrased to explore it.

    Until a year or so ago I would say I defined myself strictly as a DL. Whether being an AB has grown on me from exposure over the years or that I have always been one, I have found myself super interested lately. I love looking at onesies, pacifiers and AB stuff online and looking at what I can add to my next order.

    I feel like because I am a bit older now (24) I have more confidence to explore what excites and makes me happy.

    Has anyone else had a crossover into AB or DL or even another fetish/lifestyle that surprised them?


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    Congrats on your new found freedom. My experience wasn't quite similar, but I do remember a few times discovering new things about myself that I didn't expect, like how much I love drinking from a bottle, or that I actually really enjoy the color pink.

    I think it is important for people to be open to trying out new things, granted that they know they will be safe. I am sure you will find a lot of fun out of this new exploration, and maybe even discover you have been hiding even more of yourself than you thought. Its really an exciting time for yourself.

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    I agree that people should be open with themselves and new experiences. Maybe I will try a bottle next! This is a great community to talk about these things as well. Thanks for your reply. 😊

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    I know exactly how you feel.

    I used to be a strict DL as well, only liking diapers, no interest in any of the baby stuff. But then I met other ABDLs, they were far more into AB and little stuff, and I didn't want to be left out. So I tried it out, and I liked a lot of it. And now I have a onesie and a pacifier. I'm happy I tried it out, as now I found more stuff I liked, and I'm always a big advocate for trying new stuff.

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    Same! But more of a crossover from plain vanilla to both AB and DL

    I only recently started embracing the ABDL side of me. Had always been interested in this stuff for as long as I could remember but kept to myself thinking I was just some kind of freak with these weird desires. I used to have a BF friend on a virtual pets site called Neopets many years ago. He was a great guy, really nice and I would even draw Neopets in diapers for him. I deeply regret never telling him I was also into that kind of stuff since I was still in my stage of denial at that point. He just disappeared without a trace one day and I never saw him again which was a real bummer. I imagine his parents caught him and took away his computer.

    Never really looked into ABDLism until around June this year or so when I found ADISC. Fell in love with the community and realized I wasn't alone. Everyone is so nice here and has so many interesting meaningful conversations.

    Never thought I'd ever embrace myself as an ABDL or find such wonderful support

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    I am sort of similar. I never was into anything AB related till a bit later on in my life. Now i'm interested in things like baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups and onsies. However, to be honest ... I don't think I would ever go much further than that mainly due to a lack of interest. Like if I was to ever do the roleplay thing the youngest I would roleplay is maybe 8. I couldn't do the playing with baby toys as it just would get awfully boring for me.

    Although here is an interesting story. I didn't know I was an AB/DL until after the age of 21 even though I have been into such things nearly my whole life, or more like I should say I didn't know what to call it until then.

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    Welcome to the dark side of Little space.

    Hee, hee enjoy


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    My story is nearly identical to you. I always marked my self as a tbdl when i joined how ever i never really participated in the tb side of things. After about 3 or so years i decided it was time to explore. At that time I was driven to buy a pacifer. it by far was one of my best experiances. The next thing I got was a onesie. 3 years later I now have 2 onesies 9 pacis (no adult ones atm the last one i had cracked sadly...) 1 footie and 1 set of plastic pants. with 9 bottles coming in the mail next week. I am not one for the play side of things but do want to mess around in that side of me at some point or another!

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    Yes, I was always dl and kept baby things at a distance. Nowadays there are middles/ littlest that seem to define me more when im in a younger mindset.

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