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    so I like bdsm and i was curious if its the whole 50 shades of grey for you guys and what's kinks do you have

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    I've got a fairly long list of fetishes but they all center around some common themes, mostly around bondage and submission/dominance. I've got a bit of a sadistic side, but not much of a masochistic side (I do enjoy a bit of pain in my play, but I feel like it's more the bondage and dominance aspects of it that I get off on than the pain itself).

    Also 50 shades of grey isn't exactly what I'd call an accurate portrayal by a long damn shot.

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    Hey, I noticed you only got 1 response, I thought I might jump in on this, as I personally like helping out and commenting on things like that to help people out who took the time to make a post.....Anyway, I am not really a BDSM fan unlike you guys, but I have a bit of a different, and slightly unussual side.

    Of course, I have a kink for diapers. BUT NOT ONLY THAT. I am not sure if it is a SLIGHT BDSM or not, but I have heard extreamly little about this one. I have a kink for conveyor belts and factories. You know, the classic conveyor-of-doom, diaper changing factories, wacky factories with no purpose or meaning scooping up characters and the characters be rescued (or not) in the nick of time....that sort of thing.

    The mystery and excitement/adrenaline rush of the unknown may have a connection with such a thing, such as if a character was held down and couldnt move, or had theyre fate "sealed" with nothing to do about it. I noticed a theme though, (Such as if a character is turned to a pack of diapers, and shipped off) then the character is still alive in a very cartoony way. I have seen only a few pictures on the internet on this before, but no real explanation, and I don't even see such a thing on any fetish list.

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    I would say slight bdsm (being forced to stay in same diaper for a long time against my will). I like both chubby and thin girls, I also really like tomboys.

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    Diapers (training pants in particular), potty training, bedwetting, omorashi, urinating in inappropriate places (like outside)... So in other words, I just love pee. :P

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    Diapers of course, I have a thing for life sized adult dolls,(female) and a bit of pee play plus enemas... watersports anyone? I am a major voyeur too, did fifteen years behind the camera in the porn world as well as shuffling a small harem of strippers around the area clubs before I settled down with two. Humans suck as I'm not into pain and I find myself back where I began, alone, diapered, dolls in storage looking for the next thing.

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