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Thread: Good place to find girly clothes?

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    Default Good place to find girly clothes?

    I'm looking for some girly clothes to help compliment the DC Amor diapers I'll be getting soon. Anyone know of any place I can get some for relatively cheap?

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    Goodwill, if you dont mind going in and looking aroumd, you really cant beat the price and/or the selection. I personally have not tried to find anything girly there, but mommy frequently likes to shop there. she says its an adventure every time..

    I look at the books

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    If not the Goodwill - a Salvation Army; Thrift store and perhaps a chance finding something custom and inexpensive on Ebay.
    At this time with Halloween coming into vogue check out a costume shop !
    And of course the next dated event with little or no fanfare is to wear a Baby New Year Diapered outfit !

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