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Thread: I've been a bit of a silly baby.

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    Unhappy I've been a bit of a silly baby.

    Last night was my local munch which meant i did nor go to bed to well past my bedtime which is 9 o'clock and becouse I drank yucky alcohol becouse the other grown up where and they don't like it if i little out around them, which is not fair. I have to pretend to be grown up to.

    Any way i didn't change my diaper before going to bed and now it as leaked and I have wet the bed.

    I think i need a caregiver to look after me. But how do I find some one.

    Just a very selly AB Little boy that should know better, go to bed late in a wet diaper.

    I Thought it would be ok though. :,,,(

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    accidents happen. im sorry they dont like you being a little and make you pretend to be a big kid :p

    daddy makes sure i go potty before bed so i dont have any accidents.

    i know theres alot of groups on Fetlife for people looking for baby boy and girls. try there

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    Harr thankQ

    I am on a few Fetlife little pages. Do you know of pages that would be good ones for finding people.

    Hee, hee


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