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    Red face Hi all!

    My name's Emma. I've been a diaperfur/babyfur for years (fox tails times anyone?) but I've also had on and off issues with incontinence for years for a possible variety of reasons but this year it got worse enough to wear I had to start wearing 24/7. Luckily my doctor's are on the case and my insurance covers incontinence protection.

    It's, been a big change (pun intended) from wearing by choice to having to wear 24/7 but I have a lot of supportive friends and family so I'm handling it pretty well. I figured I'd sign up so I have a space to ask some questions and maybe help out some folks!

    In my spare time I like reading, gaming, and anything revolving around technology, I'm also transgender and willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. This looks like a pretty friendly and active forum and I look forward to getting to know you folks!

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    Welcome Emma! I am really new here as well. Sorry to hear about your incontinence issues but it sounds like you are handling them well. People here are pretty darn friendly so don't be afraid to ask all the questions you desire and explore the forums.

    I don't have as much time to read as I would like these days but I've always enjoyed memoirs and non-fiction (mostly political stuff). Are there any particular genres you like?

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    I really like sci-fi, both old and new. I'm also totally into urban fantasy! Nice to meet you too!

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    Dresden Files?

    Also, what sorts of games do you play?

    . . . . oh yeah,, welcome.

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    Haven't read Dresden files yet, as for games shooters, rpgs, and strategy.

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    Even Jim Butcher admits it take a bit to really get going (which is only fair since it was his first novel or three)
    That's cool - I'm currently working on 100% FF X HD

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    I hope you like it here.
    Sorry about the incontinence thing.

    This community is very big and I would say just explore around the forums.

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