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Thread: Leak Issues With Surecare Plus Protective Underwear

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    Question Leak Issues With Surecare Plus Protective Underwear

    Hi all,

    I've had on and off issues with incontinence for years for a possible variety of reasons but this year it got worse enough to wear I had to start wearing 24/7. Luckily my doctor's are on the case and my insurance covers incontinence protection but I'm finding medical diapers really unfamiliar and particularly having some leaking issues with Surecare Plus Protective Underwear.

    The size is right, so I think that the issue must be in how I'm wearing them or something. I'm really unfamiliar with diapers that don't have tabs. I'm going to try and get tabs when I pick up more in a few weeks but until then I'm stuck with these and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with them and could possibly figure out what I'm doing wrong or provide tips?


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    Try adding a pad to help boost absorbency till you get some tape on diapers.

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    I've been told that wearing pads that aren't designed to be worn with diapers in diapers can actually cause leakage.

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    Not at all. I use pads when i need some more absorbency.

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    This question might sound silly but, on the inside or outside of the diaper?

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    The unfortunate reality is that diapers paid for by insurance are almost always guaranteed to be the cheapest and some of the absolute worst-performing on the market. You're not doing anything wrong, the product just sucks and is about as absorbent as a paper towel. You may be able to get more use out of them by adding booster pads, which I believe are what Incontal is referring too. They stick to the inside of a diaper and allow liquid to pass through when the pad becomes full. You're probably thinking of regular bladder pads, which shouldn't be worn in diapers because the back is waterproof and doesn't allow excess urine to pass through when they become saturated. I'd recommend these produced by Northshore:

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    I've had some pretty good experiences in terms of absorbency (when it doesn't leak) with these, but I'll definitely look into that, thank you!

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    Surecare is definitely one of those terrible brands. They make things as cheap as possible. If you've only this choice, I'm sorry. They are no better than regular underwear.

    That's Obamacare working for you. I've seen the prices in the Humana catalogue, it's super high for garbage products.

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    Dang, well on the good side I looked into the specifics of my insurance and it looks like they cover pretty much all diapers without authorization so, Basically going to try ordering from Northshore Care next time, is that a good place to shop?

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    Northshore is a good place to shop. Completely discrete in shipping, they have a good variety of incontinence supplies to choose from and customer service is on point. Though no free shipping unless you got a coupon code. They will also send you a sample of their brand of diaper(Which are really decent) when requested at no cost and ship it free.

    XPMedical is another great retailer I frequent much more often and they have free shipping on anything over $50, but they recently revamped their site and have a lot less in choice of padding and other supplies now. Still have an awesome selection, just no more fancy imports and samples it seems.

    Then there's one more site I purchased from once during an amazing Buy1get1free sale they had. They seem to have slightly better prices just about all the time and free, discrete shipping to the US as well. I only shopped there once but the one time I did I had worries and my 10 cases arrived on time.

    If you can only shop for less pricey briefs, the Tranquility ATN is a great lower priced brief with enough absorbency for a medium sized wetting.
    Absolutely better than Depends or those medical diapers. >~<

    But if you're allowed to go a little higher up in quality, I personally recommend the Abena M4. The Northshore Supremes are also another great choice.
    They do a fantastic job without being too overly bulky and are really decently absorbent.

    And if you still feel like you want or need a pull-up style diaper, Abena Abri-flex 3. They're definitely a little pricey, but I used a case of these at one point and they were great. Though trying to use pull-ups didn't work out so great for me and my severe incontinence, they might work better for you if its not as bad as mine.

    I hope this helps and you find what's perfect for you.

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