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Thread: Potentially sticky presidential issue....

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    I'm actually a bit confused about this video. It's a bit questionable on whether or not he was attempting to show it off or if he was trying to hide it by requisitioning it. Sadly an erection sometimes is not the easiest thing to deal with and isn't exactly something that can always be controlled.

    Now if they video showed him like legitimately showing it off, like telling a girl to look at it ... ya I would be pretty disgusted at that point lol. But that really didn't happen here. Title is a little misleading if you ask me. Think a more accurate title would be ... president has an erection and has no idea what to do about it.

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    I just thought it was funny. No greater meaning.

    Found it accidentally on the way to something else.
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    Hahaha! No way! Is that real?! I don't know what to say. Amazing... I think... :-/

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    He looks like he's desperately trying to hide it poor guy lol
    If anything, I admire his modesty trying to turn around, walk behind a seat, and flex his leg so it blends in.

    Still a great president
    Wish it was possible to run 3 terms...

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    I remember when that would happen to me at a pool or on the beach when I was a teenager. I wanted to run and hide. I guess, not only "shit happens" but "boners happen"!

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    Pshh, this is nothing. Doesn't anyone remember the time a few years ago he whipped it right out on a public beach in Hawai'i?

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    I suppose we should be impressed that he still gets random boners at his age....

    Unless perhaps there was chemical assistance? If so, was Michelle on the plane, or can we start another controversy?

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    is that a secret service guy in the background? are the trunks regulation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    is that a secret service guy in the background? are the trunks regulation?
    Is that a gun in your trunks, or are you just happy to see me?

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