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    Since my two packs of 12 DC Amors are on the way, I thought it necessary to ask a few questions since I'm rather new at diapering myself.

    Is baby powder and rash cream needed, or are they optional? Is it better to stand, sit, or lay down when putting on a diaper? How could I get into a Little mindset easily? What's the best way to dispose of a used diaper without being caught? Any other suggestions or tips would be most welcome. *giggles in excitement*

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    Unless you have sensitive skin, no powder or rash cream is needed, unless you are planning on long term 24/7. I like to fold the diaper in half lengthwise and hold it between my legs when I put it on. Fasten the bottom tabs first if its two per side, and then the tops. It may take some practice with each brand/size to get the placement right. I dispose of mine mixed with other trash and with each one in its own plastic bag inside the trash bag. Plus, I have bags of dog turds in my trash, no nobody would ever get past that before getting grossed out if they decided to go through my trash for some weird reason. As far as getting into little space...I dunno...using your diaper helps.

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    Just be awair that dipering may not put you in to little space as it is a mind set. Although some people find that it can be a trigger in to that mine set for them.

    For me firstly I like to be clean shaven down there no big boy hairs. Its cleaner and its easier to keep you skin clean and dry. If you decide to shave and you done it before you will need some baby lotion to put on afterwards and maybe some rash cream as it will ich. For the first few times and then it won't ich as bad as you commit to being clean-shaven.

    I use baby wipes to clean my self up before hand and baby powder to make sure I'm dry.

    I prefer to lay down but you can do it standing up that is up to you, you will find your own way. But the best absolute best. Is when a caregiver diapers you. You feel great afterwards, but if you don't have any one then that is just not posable.

    Just make shore your willy is pointing downwards, and will tucked in to the diaper

    Get also some diaper bags to put used diapers in then put them in to the bin out side.

    Well I don't think you will forget the first time you see your self in a diaper as an ABDL.

    You might find it hard to wet for the first time to so be patient with your body you are going against years of potty training.

    Try not to hold it. The idea is to relax completely. This might take time to do but you know once you have got into the head space.

    Hear are some YouTube videos that may help you.

    Well have fun little one.


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    in order you asked, I use powder often, I do not use cream all of the time though, but i certainly do use it some times.

    Laying down is the way I usually go about things for changes.

    for disposal, plastic bags, the kind you get from pretty much everywhere as a congratulations for purchasing somthing works GREAT, wrap them up and dispose of them either in your dumpster or a local gas station, or whereever your able to discreetly dispose of them.

    If you have a vehicle it makes things a LOT easier, if you dont however, you may want to double bag any urine soaked nappies in plastic bags and then a odor control trash bag, then back pack them out need be.

    getting into little space is a bit different for everyone, you'll need to expierament and figure out what works best for you.
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