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    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem with finding plastic pants with a high enough waist band. I cant seem to find any plastic pants high enough up my waist to cover the top of my diaper. This causes me to have leaks when I'm laying down and if I do go #2 the smell comes out the top of the diaper and has nothing to help cover the smell. I don't know if it is because I have a large butt or if this is a common problem for everyone, but it has always been a problem for me.
    I was just wondering first off if anyone else has this problem and if so please fill me in on what you've found or what you do to remedy the problem.

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    I buy my cloth diapers and plastic pants from Fetware. They have a large selection of plastic pants including high waisted ones.

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    Both All Together Diaper Co. which is All Together Enterprises (same company) and Amazon carry Leakmaster high top plastic pants. I use them at night as I usually wear cloth diapers, and these cover the entire diaper so I don't leak. I'm not sure if they would cover higher topped disposables? It's easiest to order them through Amazon.

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    I buy Gary high waist pants from Angelfluff To go with my U-3's contours

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    99% sure I'm not making this up, but based on my experience the Fetware & others plus all the resellers of "high-backed" plastic pants are all made by Gary. Great product, but a little thin and light. also sells it's "Leakmaster Deluxe" line which as far as I can tell is only available at Much thicker, with a nice high waistline, basically a luxury version of the classic Comco plastic pants.

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    There are lots available all over the web, How high do you want them? Take a look here , 2 pages worth

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    Have you looked at the suprima brand at Haven't tried myself but they seem to have a good selection.

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    I don't know if this place just resells what the places above do or not, but they do have a lot of different kinds and designs to choose from.

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