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    Who has this phone?And do you like it? I had the iphone 6s plus loved it. However the iphone 7 plus is on back order so might not get mine til december

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    I have a friend who has one, and I've played with one at my local Apple store a few times. My feeling is pretty much...meh. I'd call it the iPhone 6SS, rather than the 7. Yes, it's better than the 6S, but mostly in the same incremental way that all "S" models have been to their immediate predecessors. It's not entirely clear that the battery life is really any better, and in any case, power packs are cheap and ubiquitous. The camera setup is certainly better, but it still suffers from severely limited focal length, so it will never match up to even a relatively cheap dedicated camera. Waterproofing? It's not waterproof enough to treat it casually. If I was engaged in water activities, I'd still buy an Otterbox or Griffin Defender. The biggest single change is the absence of a headphone jack, and I'd hardly call that a feature.

    I own a 6S, and I'm sticking with it until the 7S comes out. I really don't see anything persuasive about the 7. It's not a significant upgrade in the way that the four was over the three, the five was over the four, and the six was over the five.

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    I got the normal 7 model and I like it. I'm having a problem connecting to my PC through.

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