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Thread: sissy names?

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    Default sissy names?

    I asked this question along time ago and loved the answers! So whats your sissy name? Mine is aisha

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    Well I don't know if I'm a sissy (considering how I claim to be a woman at all times), but I'll give you my LG name.

    It's Ruth, but sometimes I like to go by Ruthie.

    Big surprise right! My identity is a front! I've been caught.

    But yeah, I'm keeping my real names (both legal and current) to myself for the time being. Ya'll understand.

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    Zara Stevens. Still working on a middle name.

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    I'd probably go with Alice or Samantha. I like bunny as a pet name, too - Surprise, surprise there, I bet.

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    Not really a sissy, but am transgender and do use a different name. I go by Brook. In fact, been using Brook for at least the past 4 years now. It's been ages since I was called by my legal name. I would say it probably feel a little weird now if someone did.

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    More of an LG than a sissy, but *points to forum name*

    Gwendolyn or Gwen. Sometime Dolyn. NOT Winnie. I am not into pony play, but I'm happy to kick if you insist.

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